Couch Pit University     "Perpetuating The Art of Papermaking"
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Couch Pit University

Couch Pit University Fraternity

Couch Pit University Fraternity (CPU) is an invitation only organization of long-time papermakers. In order to become a member of CPU, you must have been nominated for membership and accepted into the fraternity by other members.

Additional qualifications for CPU membership are:

  • Having reached or surpassed the age of 50 (Age requirement waived for PIMA's Superintendent of the Year Award winners)
  • Working in the industry for no less than 25 years
  • Having achieved the level of Superintendent or above

Recipients of PIMA's Superintendent of the Year Award are inducted into Couch Pit University each year at the annual meeting.

CPU holds its annual meeting in conjunction with TAPPI's Annual PaperCon Conference.

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